Sovtek kt66 datasheets

Datasheets sovtek

Sovtek kt66 datasheets

The 12AX7 ECC83 carry the same specifications but may sound very different, 7025 especially in the first gain sovtek stage of your amp. Do check out his gigantic site with loads other brands sovtek datasheets, loads of Philips it certainly is worth a visit! Viewing this brief history of sovtek the Marshall amps several kt66 era' s can be distinguished: The sixtieswhich is the " Jurassic" kt66 period of Marshall is the time of the JTM' s. Sovtek KT66 Vacuum Tube Sovtek has kt66 done it kt66 again. The sovtek EL34 sovtek datasheets audio kt66 tube is perhaps the most popular output audio tube of all sovtek time. Datasheet file is sovtek in PDF format. datasheets 5881 sig ri 100 k. Sovtek kt66 datasheets. 5881/ 6L6 WGC - 6Π3C- E Tube With its original small disc wafer, coin base.

It is still in use in audio applications, especially electric guitar amplifiers. Le facteur d' amplification :. View KT66 datasheet online at HeberTech. Built to rigid military standards, the Sovtek 5881WXT will tolerate higher voltages datasheets kt66 than most other 6L6 tubes. LES PARAMETRES DES LAMPES : Les constructeurs qui fournissent les datasheets de leurs tubes montrent incontestablement une preuve de sérieux.

KT66 - Beam Power Tetrode Tube, Filetype: datasheets PDF. The first of this family of tubes to be introduced was the 6V6G by Ken- Rad Tube & Lamp Corporation in late 1936 with the availability datasheets by December of both Ken- Rad Raytheon kt66 6V6G tubes announced. Following the introduction in July 1936 of the 6L6, the potential of the. Acknowledgements. 2 uf 600 v ioc g f ebb dist. The sovtek KT88 datasheets is stronger than a 6550 so watt versions to 50 watts with the KT88S , ran from the 32 42+ watts with the KT88SV. Refer to the data sheets above for exact figures.

Sometimes rebranded 6L6GC out of datasheets ignorance or dishonesty. Sovtek Tube Codes: 6l6GB - 6Π3C Tube. C' était chose courante dans les années 50- 60. 5881 WXT - 6Π3C- E Tube With a regular U. The Sovtek 5881WXT power tube is the same as the 5881 but with a full- size base for easy installation in vintage amp designs. ultra- linear output stage output e31g soy. 5% peak the ultra- linear circuiÄ the kt66 screen voltages kt66 are derived from taps on the plate windiegs of.

The Philips some RCA datasheets kt66 are placed here thanks to , RFT with permission of Frank Philipse. The 6V6 is a beam- sovtek power tetrode vacuum tube. Block diagram pinout 6550 Circuit application inside. Most Fenders will eat this for breakfast. EL34 vacuum tubes sovtek use in guitar tube amplifiers and hifi tube audio amplifiers has been prominent for decades. The Sovtek brand of military grade vacuum tubes are made in Russia and this KT66 is considered to be the best of it' s kind on the market today. 6L6 WXT - New longer plate Sovtek 6L6 design with 20% more power.

Sovtek datasheets

The Sovtek 5881WXT is the same as the 5881 but with a full size base for easy installation in vintage amp designs. The Sovtek 5881 delivers a warm, round tone that " sweetens" any vintage or modern guitar amp design. Built to rigid military standards, the 5881 will tolerate higher voltages than any other 6L6. Most KT66 tubes use way more heater current than a 6L6, but the Sovtek KT66 is not a real KT66 and should be usable in any 6L6/ 5881 type of amp as it uses 6L6 heater current.

sovtek kt66 datasheets

I have used Sovtek KT66 in an audiophile Heath W5M amp from around 1960 that specified original English KT66 tubes, and they survived and sounded very good. Audio Related Internet Site List - updated daily by Steve Ekblad. The Sovtek 6L6WXT+ yields a 20% higher output than the Sovtek 5881WXT and offers superior tone and overall performance to any 6L6 or KT66.